Traveling for business or pleasure used to mean staying in a hotel, but now there are many more options. In fact, with Airbnb, the possibilities are limitless. From renting a room in someone’s home to having a massive pool house all to yourself, there are many options available for all kinds of travelers.

One thing that might make some people a little nervous about booking an Airbnb is that the people who own the location are average people like you and me. They are not professional hoteliers. It’s hard to know if you can trust them with your security and privacy. If you have never thought about the possibility that someone listing a space on Airbnb could have an ulterior motive, you will after reading this.

One thing to be especially cautious about at Airbnbs is the possibility of hidden video cameras. It’s important to note that Airbnb has a zero tolerance policy about hidden cameras including any cameras in the bedrooms or bathrooms, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is complying with their policy. Multiple people have discovered hidden cameras while staying at Airbnbs.

Once Airbnb finds out about the hidden cameras, the company does everything they can to help the victim. According to Airbnb spokesman Jeff Henry, “When we are made aware of a report, we permanently ban the bad actor from our platform, fully support those affected and work with law enforcement to help ensure justice will be served.”

That’s great and all, but wouldn’t it be better not to be a victim in the first place? Thankfully, there is now a TikTok video that can help you spot hidden cameras in Airbnbs. TikToker Marcus Hutchins staged a room “to demonstrate how to find cameras.” Then, he created a video where he pointed out common places “where a creeper would want to look.” These places include a smoke detector directly over the bed and an alarm clock placed next to the bed. 

In the video, Hutchins shows viewers how to use the camera on their phone to detect hidden cameras, and he also shows us just how tiny these hidden cameras can be. Watch the video below so you can be prepared to check for hidden cameras the next time you stay at an Airbnb.

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Many TikTokers now have anxiety about staying in Airbnbs. One person wrote, “Fantastic, another thing to be paranoid about.”

Another comment reads, “Great. I got a new fear unlocked.”

Hopefully, instead of causing fear, videos like this can help us be aware of our surroundings and take precautions so that we don’t become a victim.

Did you find this video helpful or stressful? Do you like staying at Airbnbs?