In a perfect segue into the next major holiday, Hershey’s has introduced their Lava Cake Kisses in cutesy Valentine’s packaging. It’s like a love letter to and about chocolate lovers, arriving in time to warm you up for February 14th.

The company already gifted us with several seasonal delights for 2018, including Candy Cane Kisses and the enticing Hot Cocoa Kiss which had a marshmallow crème filling. This new lava cake flavor not only makes the perfect addition to the all-star lineup of Kisses, but it is like eating a miniature version of the dessert.

Yeah, that means you can postpone your New Year’s diet plans for a little bit longer as you indulge. Described as “dark chocolate with a gooey chocolate center”, these Kisses are available nationwide but will only be out for a limited time. Stock up now so that you’ll have enough on hand and to hand out for Valentine’s Day!

Each Kiss is wrapped in brown foil that is decorated in pink hearts. You can grab bags of these little treats at Walmart, Target, or other candy retailers and they’re priced from $3 to $4. If you prefer dark chocolate over its milky cousin, then these will surely hit the spot!

Want to do more than gobble up individual pieces of candy? Then be sure to check out a Hershey’s cake recipe where you can dump these Lava Kisses into the mix!

Will you try this new flavor out? What do you think of Hershey’s other seasonal Kiss treats?