We’re living in a time of pretty much constant change- change of power, change of weather, and change of the very way we work and live. All of this change may be confusing at times, but it also gives us plenty of space for personal growth. Umbrella Academy star Elliot Page is certainly using this time of change to his advantage. Back in December, Page announced via an Instagram post that he was coming out as trans and non-binary. They let us all know that he now uses he/they pronouns and changed his name to Elliot. It was an absolutely beautiful show of trust and authenticity on their part and I could not be more proud of them! He got a lot of support from his colleagues and fans alike for this, which was just so lovely to see! He faced another change shortly after, when he announced that he was filing for divorce from his wife of three years. While that news isn’t as “fist held high in solidarity” kind of change, the whole exchange seems peaceful, mutual, and in their best interest, so I’m still optimistic that this, too, was an opportunity for Page to grow into the person that they truly are.

In his latest interview with Time , he confirmed that this growth into authenticity and self is exactly what he has been working toward, saying that the time he had to themself while separated from their wife allowed him to confront a lot of the feelings he’d been avoiding.

“I was finally able to embrace being transgender,” Page says, “and letting myself fully become who I am.”

What a beautiful thing to say! And what an even more beautiful thing to experience! He didn’t just talk about the ways that he has grown and changed, though. Attitudes toward LGBTQIA+ folks are changing, LGBTQIA+ legal rights are constantly in flux and ever-evolving. On a more personal note, he mentioned how the attitude that their own mother had toward their being trans has shifted and evolved over time. While she was once worried about them and encouraged them to “act the part” of girl, she is now fully on-board and supportive, which according to Elliot, just shows another way that people can and do change and grow.

What ways are you growing and changing right now? What ways do you want to grow and change more? Let us know!