Before we had kids of our own, we had all sorts of expectations for what kinds of parents we would be. You know, like, our kids would never eat fast food or junk food, and our kids would play with blocks and simple toys instead of watching TV or having screen time.

We had good intentions, but then life intervenes. Especially during a pandemic, when basically everything that used to happen in person has switched to Zoom, screen time limits have pretty much disappeared. 

Then there’s food. Somehow our kids have discovered the common foods that all kids crave, and that’s what they ask for morning, noon and night (and many times in between because we’re at home and they want to eat non-stop).

Even though we try to cook food from scratch whenever possible, sometimes that food isn’t the healthiest. We love seeing our kids enjoy what they eat, so we cave to requests for chocolate chip muffins and ice-cream.

A lot of foods that children love tend to have lots of sugar and very little nutritional value. Thankfully, especially if you’re up for preparing your kids’ food from scratch, it’s pretty easy to sneak in some fruits and vegetables. The women at WhatsUpMoms have come up with 5 easy recipes that do just that.

In order to prepare these recipes, it is helpful to own a blender and a food processor, but if you don’t have them on hand, don’t let that stop you. Old fashioned elbow grease never hurt anyone.

Watch the video below to learn how to transform 5 kids favorites into healthy meals you can feel good about.

We love that these moms had their children act as taste testers. It is definitely encouraging to know that real kids love these healthified foods.

We’re not the only ones who appreciate this video especially after months of quarantine. One viewer wrote, “yay! this was sooo needed! we have been eating a bit too much junk food thanks to quarantine. i love these videos. Thanks for making us smile. Stay safe.”

Another viewer wrote, “I’m going to make this for myself because they look amazing and delicious.” We agree. These recipes aren’t just for kids. We would definitely eat them too!

Are your kids picky eaters? What are their favorite foods? Which one of these recipes are you going to try making first?