Here’s An Easy Way to Have Fresh Lemon Juice On Hand Whenever You Need It

We love lemons. All year round, a little bit of this juice added to our water makes it extra delicious. Lemon juice is also an essential ingredient in many of our favorite recipes.

It’s certainly easy enough to buy a bottle of lemon juice at the grocery store, but fresh squeezed lemon juice always tastes better. 

Unfortunately, sometimes we buy too many lemons. It’s easy to overestimate how many we’ll need to get the perfect amount of juice for the recipe we want to make, and it’s easy to overestimate how many we’ll need for juice for our water.

Then, other times we have the opposite problem. We’ll be able to make a recipe and realize we’re all out of lemons, and we’d find ourselves wishing we had caved and bought lemon juice for emergencies like this.

Thankfully, there’s an easy way to always have lemon juice on hand without resorting to buying it in a bottle. TikTok user teachmestyle shared an easy way to save the juice from our extra lemons so we’ll have it when we need it later. Now we don’t have to worry about overbuying lemons, and we don’t have to worry about running out of lemon juice. 

All you need for this lemon juice hack is an ice-cube tray. Then you can juice your lemons and freeze the juice in perfectly portioned amounts. These are basically lemon juice cubes instead of ice cubes.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to save lemon juice in an ice-cube tray.

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We love the idea of popping out a lemon juice cube and putting it in our water. We might try this hack with orange juice and lime juice too. Really, this would probably work for any type of juice or liquid.

One TikTok user commented on this video saying that she freezes coffee in ice cube trays so her iced coffee doesn’t get watered down. Genius! We definitely need to start freezing more things in our ice cube trays than basic water!

Many TikTok users have commented that they love this this lemon juice hack, but teachmestyle says the credit should really go to her mother who taught her this hack years ago.

Are you going to make lemon juice cubes? What else could you freeze in an ice cube tray?