The saying goes that if you have lemons, make lemonade. That’s great if you have a juicer on hand. Otherwise, squeezing juice out of a lemon is a very messy process.

Have you ever tried juicing a lemon by hand? First, you have to get a knife and a cutting board. Then, you have to squeeze the juice into a cup or a bowl. In the process, pesky seeds from the lemon end up mixed in with the lemon juice.

Guess what? There’s an easier way! TikTok users have discovered a brilliant way to squeeze lemon juice out of a lemon that is mess-free, and you don’t need a cutting board or even a knife. Seriously. All you need is a skewer.

Next time you need fresh lemon juice for a recipe, homemade lemonade or lemon water, grab a skewer and stick it in the end of the lemon. Try not to go all the way through the lemon. Then, point the hole you made in the lemon over a bowl or cup, and squeeze. The lemon juice will pour into the container, but the seeds will stay inside the lemon.

You might think this sounds too good too be true, and if so, you’re not alone. TikTok user Johanna Westbrook didn’t expect this hack to work, but she decided to try it out anyway, filming the process to post on TikTok, of course. Watch her video below to see for yourself whether you can really juice a lemon with a skewer.

@johannawestbrookLegit didn’t think this would work ##lemonhack ##quickrecipes ##food ##foodhack♬ original sound – johannawestbrook

That’s amazing, right? It makes us want to go get some lemons and whip up some delicious lemonade and lemon bars.

Since this skewer hack works so well on a lemon, you might be wondering if it would work equally well on an orange or a lime. After all, they seem similar, and it would be great to get freshly squeezed orange juice without the mess. Westbrook was also curious how these two citrus fruits would hold up to the skewer hack, so she decided to try it out. Watch what happened.

@johannawestbrookTrying the lemon hack with an orange and a lime ##cookinghacks ##foodhacks ##lemonchallenge ##lemonhack♬ original sound – johannawestbrook

While it’s disappointing that we need more than a skewer to successfully juice an orange or lime, we’re definitely going to use a skewer the next time we want lemon juice. Are you going to give this hack a try? What’s your favorite way to use lemon juice?