As much as we love go-to dinners like chicken cutlets, you can get pretty easily bored by the same meal over and over. There’s only so many times you can make your famous lemon pepper chicken before you and your family start to get anxious for a fresh, new meal. The only problem is fresh, new meals usually require a lot of extra time, work, and ingredients. And on a busy weekday night that is just NOT in the cards. Well, we have a fun spin on your regular chicken breast dinner that’s a simple, cheap, and delicious upgrade! Introducing your new weekday favorite: hasselback chicken. Check out 13 yummy ways you can transform your chicken with this easy technique.

  1. Cajun Hasselback Chicken

    Cajun HasselbackCuckooking

    Love a little bite to your chicken? Make it a ragin’ Cajun dinner, then! Stuff your hasselback chicken with spicy pepper jack cheese and spinach, then give the whole breast a healthy coating of Cajun spices.

  2. Pizza Hasselback Chicken

    Pizza HasselbackFacebook via Tasty

    Pizza lovers, rejoice! Now all your favorite parts of pizza (the sauce, cheese, and pepperoni, of course) are stuffed into tender chicken breasts for a healthy spin on your favorite dish. You won’t even miss that deep dish nonsense.

  3. Mediterranean Hasselback Chicken

    Mediterean HasselbackWalking on Sunshine

    The best flavors of Mediterranean cuisine come together in this hasselback recipe: rich mozzarella, juicy tomatoes, and a little kick of basil to make your regular chicken pop with flavor.

  4. Gouda and Spinach Hasselback Chicken

    Gouda HasselbackSmall Town Woman

    A delicious spin on traditional hasselback chicken! While your classic recipe mixes spinach with feta or ricotta cheese, this recipe combines decadent gouda cheese with seasoned spinach. This is just the thing bland chicken needs!

  5. Ham and Cheese Hasselback Chicken

    Ham and Cheese HasselbackThe Weary Chef

    This could be the most simple hasselback recipe of all! All you need is slices of ham and cheese to stuff you chicken with and you’ve basically made an impromptu chicken cordon bleu with the easiest ingredients imaginable.

  6. Southwestern Hasselback Chicken

    Southwestern HasselbackSkinny Mom

    Give your hasselback chicken a little Tex Mex flare with this Southwestern recipe. Complete with peppers, onions, jalapenos, beans, and LOTS of sour cream, this is one interesting take on the classic fajita.

  7. Buffalo Hasselback Chicken

    Buffalo HasselbackTeal Crown

    Who doesn’t love the tangy spice of buffalo chicken wings? Now your favorite pre-game snack has been turned into a healthy – but still delicious – meal! Drench this spicy buffalo hasselback in bleu cheese or ranch dressing, depending on your dipping preference.

  8. Bacon Hasselback Chicken

    Bacon HasselbackKitchen Divas

    General rule of thumb: when something is stuffed with bacon, it’s going to be the most delicious thing you’ll eat all week. That rule applies to this bacon-lovers hasselback chicken recipe, too! Your family will flip for these loaded chicken tenders.

  9. Italian Hasselback Chicken

    Italian Hasselback ChickenPillsbury

    A delicious Italian meal has never been so easy to whip up on a hectic Wednesday night. All you have to do to capture that Tuscan flavor is stuff your chicken breast with fresh mushrooms, salami, tomato-pesto sauce, and heaps of provolone cheese. Mangia mangia!

  10. Pesto Hasselback Chicken

    Pesto HasselbackDamn Delicious

    If you can’t get enough of pesto sauce (like us – we could put pesto on almost anything!), then you’re going to love this pesto hasselback chicken. Made with the fresh flavors of Caprese and a kick of creamy pesto, this recipe can be made in a foil packet! Talk about a simple and delicious dinner.

  11. Barbecue Hasselback Chicken

    BBQ HasselbackBetty Crocker

    It might not be barbecue season anymore, but that doesn’t mean we’re ready to let go of our favorite grilling flavors. Imitate your BBQ favorites with tangy barbecue sauce and lots of melted cheddar cheese.

  12. Hasselback Chicken Parmigiana

    Hasselback Chicken ParmGran Luchito

    This is a seriously delicious mashup of two dinnertime favorites! Hasselback chicken, covered in bread crumbs and seasonings, is baked side-by-side in a casserole dish, turning it into…hasselback chicken parm. Perfect for large families or dinner parties! Even better, this recipe uses a delicious chili paste that really give this unique dish some heat.

  13. Fiesta Hasselback Chicken

    Fiesta Hasselback ChickenJaMonkey

    Forget taco night, we’ve got a different kind of fiesta to celebrate! Fiesta hasselback chicken, that is. Stuff your chicken breast with salsa, chopped veggies (we love some hot peppers, but that’s just us!), and a Mexican blend of shredded cheese. Taco night just got a delicious new reboot.

Do you make hasselback chicken in a different way? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.