Prince Harry and Prince William Have Unveiled the Statue Dedicated to Their Mother on Her 60th Birthday

Prince Harry and Prince William may not have a lot in common at the moment, but there is one thing they will always have in common – love for their mother. Princess Diana would have been 60 years old today, July 1, 2021. In honor of their mother’s birthday, the brothers came together to unveil a statue in her honor.

Until today, we didn’t know what the statue would look like. The brothers worked together to consult on the statue’s design, but it was revealed to the public for the first time today.

This is the first time Harry and William have seen each other in person since their grandfather’s funeral. Harry arrived in the U.K. several days ago, but was self-quarantining until today.

The princes focused on their mother not on their current strained relationship. They said, “We remember her love, strength and character. Qualities that made her a force for good around the world, changing countless lives for the better.”

The brothers walked up to the statue together and each went to a different side. They held onto the statue’s covering, and at the same time, they pulled it down, unveiling the statue underneath.

After unveiling the statue, the brothers appeared to look at it admiringly. Prince Harry turned to his brother to say something in what seemed like a friendly manner.

Watch the video below to see Prince Harry and Prince William unveil the statue for yourself.

The brothers hope the statue will “be seen forever as a symbol of her life and her legacy.” They see it as a way to keep their mother’s memory alive. 

The princes seemed to be happy during the unveiling ceremony. They talked to guests and were spotted laughing at times.

Do you think Prince Harry and Prince William will mend the rift between them? Do you think the statue unveiling will help them remember their bond as brothers?