Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Official Wedding Photos Are Here

IT FINALLY HAPPENED!! Last Saturday, the cutest prince in England (sorry, William) tied the knot with his American honey, Meghan Markle, in one of the biggest weddings of all time.

The $46 million ceremony included everything that you could ever hope to see at a royal wedding: celebrity guests, a phenomenal speech from an impassioned minister, a seriously delicious-looking cake, THE QUEEN, and, of course, a classy white gown that brides will be attempting to replicate for years to come!

Now, we’re not speaking from experience here, of course. You see, like Meghan’s poor pops, we didn’t get to make it over to enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime bash with the U.K.’s elite. We don’t know why either; perhaps our invitation got lost in the mail?

But, negligent postal carriers aside, we still got quite the thrill from waking up at 6:00 a.m. to enjoy Harry and Meghan’s bash from our side of the pond. Luckily, the entire event was televised, complete with commentary from the best and brightest royal experts around.

So, maybe we weren’t exactly there watching the beautiful couple say their vows, but at least we didn’t have to wear one of those funky hat fascinators on our head to fit in with the crowd. Those DO NOT look comfortable!

Harry and Meghan’s gorgeous wedding day photos

As the days roll by, we’re getting more and more treats from the wedding courtesy of Kensington Palace, AKA the royal HQ for all things Harry and Meghan. Just recently, they posted an incredible series of official wedding day portraits to their Instagram account, shots that show the beautiful couple. They are in various poses, the groom in his dapper uniform and the bride in her now-iconic Givenchy gown.

What we love about these particular photos is the fact that they show the two — as well as their families — looking relaxed, natural, and most of all, HAPPY. Perhaps we read into their behaviors during the wedding a bit too much, but Prince Harry, in particular, didn’t look all that carefree to us.

Now, we’re not saying that he was having cold feet about marrying Meghan Markle — ahem, The Duchess of Sussex — but he did look a little stressed out by the crushing media attention. His bride, of course, is an old pro when it comes to being in the spotlight, but even she looked as if she was standing on stage.

In the series of photos we are showing you in today’s video, the dynamic duo looks relaxed and thankful to be by the sides of their families, not the paparazzi, during the more private moments of the day. We don’t blame them one bit; it seems like quite the stressful experience!

To see even more photos, as well as some seriously envy-inducing footage from the big day, be sure to watch the video below. Weddings–and wedding photos— don’t get much more beautiful than this!

We’d love to hear your take on these royal wedding photos! Do you like the portraits? Are you a fan of Meghan’s dress? Which wedding was better: Will and Kate’s or Harry and Meghan’s?