The 2 p.m. slump is a seriously real struggle—who’s with us? Especially as the summer weather starts cooling off, and days feel shorter when it gets darker earlier, it’s pretty difficult to find motivation at work. All we want to do is just curl up into a ball and take a little nap instead of scanning that last document your colleague just sent.

Some people may not know this, but power naps actually have the power to boost your productivity. But if you’re above the age of 5, it’s pretty frowned upon to take a little snooze during work hours, unfortunately. In fact, it’s kind of frowned upon in some work environments to even take any breaks at all!

Luckily, one company is finally changing the game and prioritizing relaxation at work. And if your place of work allows you to have this new and innovative product, then you’re in for a real treat.

Created by a company called Uplift, the “Under Desk Hammock” is exactly what it its name suggests: A hammock you’re able to hang under your office desk for whatever type of relaxation you may need throughout the day. You just hang it there and crawl into it whenever you need to get away. We know, we know: Brilliant!

The hammock is able to be easily clipped onto a frame that you install using the mounting points that the product comes with. Don’t worry, you don’t need to drill any holes and it won’t cause any damage to your desk or walls. Then, using an app, you can conveniently adjust the height of the hammock with the touch of a button, making it easy to get in and out.

Uplift has thought of everything—the hammock even comes with its own storage bag, which can never get lost because it’s attached to the hammock. When you’re sitting in the hammock, the bag doubles as a place to keep your phone, glasses, or drink—whatever you might need under there for full relaxation and comfort.

You don’t even have to necessarily use the hammock for sleeping. “Your coworkers and friends will want to know more when they see you catching up on email from the comfort of your hanging hideaway,” the company states. Hey, some days we just need to hunker down and find a quiet place to work—at least that’s how you can convince your boss to let you get one of these!

We know what you’re thinking: Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? We’re just glad we have the opportunity to purchase it now. The Under Desk Hammock costs a reasonable $55 (plus free shipping) and comes in two lovely colors: blue and gray.

We don’t think we’ll ever work the same way again! What are your thoughts on the “Under Desk Hammock”? Would you be able to benefit from something like this, or know a coworker who might like it? Do you think your boss would be cool with you having this at work?