Upon first glance, you probably think this is a regular old hammock. But when you look closer, you’ll notice this hammock is unlike any other. Because this hammock is also a hot tub. That’s right, this “Hydro Hammock” is not just a portable hammock, it’s a portable hot tub, too. Complete with the relaxing steam and bubbling water we expect from a hot-tubbing experience. Watch the video below to see this incredibly cool product in action.

The hammock/hot tub is made out of acrylic canvas and sealed with silicone – so your hot water doesn’t go leaking out. It can hold 50 gallons of water plus two adults, which is astounding to us.

You can buy either a single or a double size. The single costs only about $360, but the water heater is sold separately.

While that is pricey, some might say that that’s pennies when you’re talking about the experience of having a hot tub wherever you want. You can line your hot tub hammock in the sand, set it up in a field somewhere, even hitch it up in the snow! Nowhere and no type of conditions are off-limits for this Hydro Hammock.

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