Target Has Released Halloween Costumes for Kids In Wheelchairs

Our favorite part of Halloween is seeing all of the kids dressed up in their costumes. If you have kids or if you’ve been around kids very much at all, you know that they love to dress up. A day when they get to dress up in costume and get candy is basically a child’s dream come true.

There are countless costumes available. From costumes for new parents who like to babywear to DIY costumes you can easily make out of cardboard, there are so many fun ways to dress in disguise.

What’s not fun is when kids in wheelchairs have to miss out on part of the Halloween magic. Sure, they can dress up in a costume, but they’re still in a wheelchair.

We love how one grandpa made an incredible school bus costume for his wheelchair-bound grandson, but what if you’re not the crafty type? 

Thankfully, Target has stepped up. This year, as part of their Halloween collection, the big box retailer is offering two truly magical Halloween costumes designed for children in wheelchairs.

One costume is for boys. It is a pirate costume that’s specifically designed to be put on over shoes, making it extra easy for boys in wheelchairs to get dressed. 

What makes this costume extra special is that there is also a coordinating costume for the wheelchair itself. This wheelchair cover turns the wheelchair into a pirate ship! There are even covers for the wheels that make it look like the ship is sailing through the ocean. Wow!

From the retailer, “This Halloween wheelchair costume is designed to look just like a pirate ship, complete with intricate detailing and a black Jolly Roger flag for authentic flair — it even includes decorative covers for the wheels that look like waves for a complete finish.”

For girls in wheelchairs, Target has a princess costume available. The costume is pink and sparkly. It even comes with a crown. There are openings in the back to make it extra easy for girls in wheelchairs to get dressed without having to leave their wheelchair.

Once again, the extra magical part of this princess costume is that there is a coordinating costume for the wheelchair. This time, the costume is a princess carriage!

From the retailer, “This Halloween wheelchair costume is designed to look just like a princess carriage, with a purple-blue and gray color scheme adorned with intricately detailed scrollwork — it even includes decorative covers for the wheelchair for a complete finish.”

Both wheelchair costumes easily attach to the wheelchair with hook and loop closure. Target has really thought of everything! We hope they come out with even more wheelchair-friendly costumes next year.

If you were going to design a costume for someone in a wheelchair, what costume would you design?