This time of year, many parents and children are thinking about Halloween costumes. Sometimes children know exactly what they want to be for Halloween, but if not, there are endless traditional and creative costume ideas out there.

While new parents have many adorable costumes to choose from, things can be a little more complicated if parents choose to wear their new baby in a baby carrier while trick-or-treating or during other Halloween-themed activities. After all, you don’t want the baby’s costume to be hidden by the baby carrier.

No worries; we’ve rounded up our favorite costumes that transform your favorite baby carrier into part of the costume. Keep scrolling to find a costume that’s perfect for you and your baby (carrier).

  1. Rapunzel in Her Tower

    This costume is great for a baby girl and a parent who wants to be part of the costume.

  2. Super Mario

    If you love old-school Nintendo, this is a must for your baby boy!

  3. E.T. and Elliot

    This costume is adorable for a father and son. After all, E.T. goes trick-or-treating, so this is a super-appropriate costume idea.

  4. Leprechaun and a Pot of Gold

    This costume would also be a fun idea for St. Patrick’s Day.

  5. Presidential Babies

    A little creativity and a cardboard box makes this an inexpensive costume idea.

  6. Tony the Tiger

    You’re going to need a big cardboard box for this costume, but everyone will think it’s gr-r-reat!

  7. Bee and Beekeeper

    Absolutely adorable and doesn’t look too hard to pull off.

  8. Oscar the Grouch

    If your little one loves Sesame Street, this is a great costume idea.

  9. Mermaid

    This is a great costume for your little beach baby!

  10. Bacon and Eggs

    This is a great DIY costume idea that’s perfect for anyone who loves breakfast.

  11. Panda

    If you’re not into DIY and you love animals, this costume is perfect. You don’t even need to have a baby carrier to wear it since this costume IS the baby carrier!

  12. Octopus and Diver

    This costume is designed for a mom and baby. The octopus cover fits over most baby carriers

  13. Jack-O-Lantern

    You can’t go wrong with a classic Jack-O-Lantern costume!

  14. Turtle

    While this costume is super cute as is, we think you could add a mask and make this into a Ninja Turtle.

  15. Farmer and Chicken

    All it takes for mom or dad is a cowboy hat and a pair of overalls. The baby chick costume pulls it all together!

  16. Cupcake

    Your baby really can be a cute little cupcake.

  17. Giraffe

    The team at Cuddleroo isn’t even marketing these cute baby carrier covers as Halloween costumes, but we think they’re perfect for the occasion.

  18. Bagpipes

    Especially for a dad who’s not afraid to wear a kilt, this is a super cute way to show off Scottish roots.

  19. DJ

    This is a super cute costume idea for any baby that’s ready to get the party started.

  20. Ghost

    A frilly skirt and a little creativity is all it takes to make this adorable ghost costume.

Which baby carrier costume is your favorite? Have you and your children already decided what you’re going to be for Halloween?