Hanging pictures on your wall can be such a pain in the you know what. First, you have to make sure the picture is to be hung evenly with the wall, which requires a bunch of measuring and marking. And then you have to get your nail in the exact spot just right—another seemingly impossible task.

It’s enough to make us never want to hang another photo again, and we haven’t even gotten to the worst part: Hanging the actual photo. Getting the hook or wire on the back of the photo right over the nail can be really tricky and cause its fair share of frustration. How many times have you just nicked the nail with the picture, but come up clean on actually getting the picture hooked to it?

Luckily, there’s a genius hack for hanging pictures. And the best part is you need is a fork. That’s right, one simple dinner utensil can solve all your picture-hanging woes. Thanks to Twitter user @ValaAfshar, you’ll never have trouble getting that hook onto your nail again!

In a now viral video, Vala is seen hammering in a nail to a wall to hang a photo. He then takes a fork—any old dinner fork will do—and puts it prongs down over the nail so that the handle is sticking out toward the person hanging the photo.

It might look funny at first, but we promise, the rest is easy: Just hold your photo in front of the nail, slide the hook from the picture down and over and down the fork, and the wire will land in the person spot to hang the photo, every single time! It’s seriously brilliant.

See for yourself exactly how this picture-hanging works in the video below.

Impressed? Us too—and so is everyone else who has seen the post. In fact, the video received nearly 150,000 likes and 15,000 retweets, and people can’t stop raving about how awesome it is.

“Mind blown!” someone commented.

“My entire life has been a lie,” another said.

“Good move. Work smart not hard,” someone else wrote.

Who knew a simple fork could make hanging a picture so much easier?

What’s the easiest way you’ve found to hang a photo on your wall? Do you have any fun life hacks that have made your life even just a bit simpler? Share them!