17 Amazing Ways to Reuse Old Picture Frames

Frames don’t have to just be for hanging pictures anymore. Use their rustic, vintage vibe to make furniture, cool home décor or other unexpected DIY projects! Check out these 17 crafts that you can accomplish using old, repurposed frames.


  1. Mirror Frame

  2. Refrigerator Magnets

  3. DIY Coffee Table

  4. Pincushions

  5. Menu Board

  6. Earring Organizer

  7. Seasonal Wreath

  8. Framed Chalkboard

  9. Table Tray

  10. Decorate However You’d Like

  11. Office Organizer

    Wishful Tinker
  12. Rustic Shelving Space

  13. Key Holder

  14. Dry Erase Board

  15. Unique Home Décor

    Makely Home
  16. Weekly Calendar

  17. Towel Rack


Do you know any creative frame DIY projects? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.