13 People Share What Their Experiences of Growing Up in Multiple Sibling Households Taught Them

Childhood is a time when we learn and grow. Many things that we learn are not from school but from our experiences at home. For example, if you were an only child, you might have learned how to entertain yourself, but if you had multiple siblings, you probably learned a lot of lessons from your interactions with them.

Reddit user Pbackrider asked, “Children in multi-sibling households, what lessons did you learn that the only child might never get?” If you’re an only child, you might find these answers eye-opening. If you grew up with multiple siblings, you will probably find yourself nodding in agreement.

  1. “Don’t Tell Mom”

    Reddit user BeanBeast wrote:

    It’s all fun and games till you hurt your sibling. Then you have to convince them that they are fine and suggesting to them that they can hit you back but just don’t tell mom

  2. Lick Your Food

    0nmute added:

    If you don’t want your older brothers to eat your food you’ve saved for later ensure that they witness you licking the food all over before putting it in the fridge.

  3. Someone Who Understands

    dontfreakout09 shared:

    Not really a lesson, but having someone to commiserate with/have your back when your parents aren’t being reasonable

  4. Leftovers

    ObiWanCannoli25 wrote:

    Leftovers? What leftovers? You would have to fight for and hide them like water in the apocalypse.

  5. TV

    KitterCatto3 shared:

    When you’re getting food in the middle of a show, carry the TV remote with you.

  6. Clothing

    Back2Bach shared:

    Hand-me-down clothing is often a practical necessity in multi-sibling households.

  7. What Really Happened?

    Herogamer555 added:

    It doesn’t matter what happened, it only matters that you can convince people what happened.

  8. Boys vs Girls

    Weird_Conversation explained:

    The opposite sex is no great mystery when you’ve got mixed sibs.

  9. Stay Quiet

    collinschutjer shared:

    If one of your siblings is getting in trouble, just keep your mouth shut so you don’t get sucked in

  10. How to Borrow Clothes

    bossbarbie explained:

    The art of borrowing clothes and avoiding the sibling all day at the school until you can get home.

  11. Being the Oldest Sibling

    KnittinAndBitchin shared:

    As the oldest child: because you get there first for everything, you may be punished more or less severely than your siblings for the same offense. This will piss off every other sibling.

  12. Not Getting to Do What You Want

    Beachy5313 wrote:

    So many only-child friends seemed to dictate the entire household. If kid wanted to go to the beach, they went to the beach. I didn’t even get to pick whether I wanted McDonalds or Burger King for dinner- my mom was picking which one she wanted so she didn’t have to listen to us bicker.Also, if your younger brother eats random things, you aren’t allowed to have marbles in the house. Doesn’t matter that you’re not some moron who eats inedible objects, your brother is a moron, so you suffer.

  13. “Player Two”

    lolbabies added:

    As the youngest sibling, I will always and forever be “player two” when it comes to any multiplayer video game.