When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it not only messed with everyone’s daily lives, but it basically forbade any type of travel for the unforeseeable future. We all said goodbye to our dreams of traveling to a winery in Southern France, the island nation of Bali, or you know, even just to the beach down the road.

Even kids were bummed about not being able to vacation like they had planned to do. But two little ones got creative and decided that maybe—just maybe—they could travel in a safe way.

14-year-old Macaire Everett and 9-year-old Camden Everett, two young siblings, decided that they weren’t going to let the pandemic bring them down. Instead, they used what they had—a bucket of chalk, a driveway and their imagination—to let their dreams thrive.

Even though their spring break trip to Florida was canceled, the two realized that they could still go—if they drew their destination with chalk.

They decided to create an Instagram account as they traveled the world, one chalk drawing at a time. For approximately 100 days, these two “went” everywhere—and not only did they go, they made sure to partake in activities there, too.

For example, they went bullfighting in Spain, visited the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and held the leaning Tower of Pisa up in Italy, among many others. Their inspiration was to use places they want to travel to someday.

Not only is the idea creative, but the art itself is prize-worthy. And it’s all thanks to Macaire’s artistic abilities.

“Every day Camden plays outside while Macaire draws and then he comes over to get his picture taken,” she says their mother, Christine Everett. “It’s perfect because they can be separate and together.”

Their Instagram has garnered over 20,000 followers admiring their work. And while the two have met their goal of 100 drawings, they’re still adding to the account every few days. Be sure to give them a follow at @macairesmuse!

How creative are these two? Which adventure drawing is your favorite?