Here’s a fun fact: The average cost of a wedding is about $30,000. If you’ve ever planned a wedding before, this stat probably doesn’t come as much of a shock to you. The venue, the flowers, a good photographer, the food, and of course, the dress…it all adds up. But if you haven’t, then this may give you some sticker shock.

A wedding dress alone can cost over $1,000. In fact, if you find one for under $1,000, that’s considered reasonable! That’s why when one bride asked her groom if she could spend $350 on a wedding dress, she wasn’t really expecting him to say no.

However, the groom thought spending $350 on a piece of clothing that she was only going to wear once was way too much. He gave her an ultimatum: If she spends that much on a dress, then he gets to splurge on something fun for himself, too!

He thought that sounded pretty reasonable, but in a recent Reddit post, he explained that saying this made his wife cry. He couldn’t quite understand why—was he being rational or did coming up with this idea make him a complete jerk?

To his surprise, readers thought he was the jerk in this situation.

“It seems like maybe you’re delusional about the cost of weddings,” one person told him. “That $250 price is absurdly low for a wedding dress, and most grooms would be jumping with excitement at how reasonable their bride is. It’s even less than a lot of girls spend on prom dresses.”

The commenter added a suggestion for him: “If what you’re looking for is complete equality, go spend $250 on a new suit for the wedding.”

“This is called financial abuse,” another commenter stated. Another had an issue with the wife having to ask for money: “Seems like the savings are joint, unless she wants to use any of it!” she said. “Also why haven’t you sat down and set a wedding budget at this point? That’s a decision that needs to be made early in the planning process.”

After more comments like these, the groom realized his mistake and edited his post.

“I never really looked at how much dresses are. They really are expensive and that’s a shock,” he wrote. “I love my fiancé and want her to feel beautiful. I feel like a total a**hole. I just assumed wedding dresses weren’t that much unless they were like custom made or a celebrity dress.”

Poor guy! You live and learn, right?

What do you think—was this guy in the wrong or do you agree with his actions?