When you want something salty and crunchy, a bag of chips is where it’s at—and Doritos are one of our favorite kind. You just can’t beat the classic cheesy, crispy goodness.

But did you know there’s more than one way to eat a Dorito? Though devouring them straight from the bag is the norm, you can actually do a lot with the snack. In fact, you can turn it into a full-on dinner.

One woman shared her recipe for Dorito-crusted chicken, and it racked up tons of views. The reason? The recipe is simple, easy, and dare we say inventive. We’ve seen chicken crusted in bread crumbs or even nuts. But we’ve never seen anything like this madness.

Apparently, neither has a lot of people, including Kelz Wright, a TikTok funny man who stitches cooking videos to share his hilarious blind reactions to it. He saw the Doritos-crusted chicken video and completely lost his mind.

At first, it’s hard to understand where the woman is going with this. She opens a bag of Doritos and cracks two eggs right into them. She then adds some milk.

“Milk, Doritos and eggs?” he says. “Trust the process…”

When the woman begins to shake the bag, Kelz is still really confused how this is going to turn into a delicious meal. However, once she breaks out the chicken breasts, that’s when things start to click. And his reactions says it all.

After some seasonings and coating the chicken in flour, the woman is ready to add the chicken to her Dorito mixture—and Kelz is pretty pumped about it. “I might eat it!” he says excitedly.

So would we, Kelz. So would we.

What happens next is truly magical, especially if you’re a Dorito lover. The woman adds her chicken to the Dorito bag and shakes it up. When she pulls it out the bag, there’s truly no other sight like it: It’s the most drool-worthy piece of chicken we’ve ever seen.

“That look fire!” Kelz exclaims, getting even more shocked and excited when she places the chicken into a hot skillet of oil.

Our mouths are drooling—and so is Kelz. His look of disbelief says it all. No way did this woman just turn milk, eggs, and a bag of Doritos into a magical dinner!

Ready to see how it’s done? Check out the video below.

Do you like Doritos? Have you ever thought to use them to make a chicken dinner? Would you ever try this recipe?