Make Your Own Bread Crumbs

No one in my family eats the ends of loaves of bread and I hated throwing them away. So I decided to find out how to make breadcrumbs (we use them all the time for breaded chicken, fish, meatloaf, casseroles).

It is so easy. All I did was let the bread get slightly stale and dried out and then just broke it up into pieces and put it in the food processor. I keep it in my old Progressive bread crumb container. Now if we want seasoned bread crumbs we just add some italian seasoning or fresh herbs.

It’s great, we save money because we are not wasting food and we are not buying bread crumbs. And homemade has got to be healthier (i just checked, bread has 11 ingredients, bread crumbs 31 ingredients – how is it not just bread?)

Photo credit: mccun934