In certain parts of the country, banana pudding is very, very popular. If you’ve never had it, we suggest you try it. It’s simple, but that’s where the deliciousness comes in. The combination of vanilla pudding, sliced bananas and vanilla wafers is simply incredible. Don’t forget the whipped cream!

A common variation on the classic pudding is turning it into a pie. Banana cream pie is one of our favorite treats, so we thought, is there any other way to make this classic dessert even better?

Nothing’s better than a delicious dessert mashup, like the amazing dessert biscuit creation that happened when KFC and Cinnamon dared to dream together, or when pizza places thought, hey, let’s make a dessert pizza. Now we’ve stumbled across another dessert mashup, and this one is super easy to make at home.

We’re talking about Banana Cream Cheesecake. When we saw the easy recipe for this incredible dessert, we knew it was worth saving in our digital recipe box. Think about it. Cream cream added along with all those classic banana cream flavors – it’s a match made in mouth-watering heaven.

The recipe from is pretty straightforward and similar to a classic cheesecake recipe, but there are a few significant changes that give it a distinctive flavor. For example, instead of a traditional graham cracker crust, there are crushed vanilla wafers in the crust. Brilliant! Also, in the actual cheesecake, there are mashed bananas and banana liqueur. We know. Brilliant again.

First things first, you’ll need a springform pan. Then, you simply combine crushed up vanilla wafers with ground walnuts and melted butter. This is your crust which you’ll press in the bottom of your pan.

Next, you make the filling. This is a combination of cream cheese, sugar, flour, eggs, sour cream, bananas, banana liqueur and vanilla extract. Once that is all mixed together, you simply pour it on top of the crust and bake the cheesecake.

Finally, after the cheesecake is out of the oven and cooling on the counter, it’s time to make the topping. You’ll need unflavored gelatin, cold water, milk, sugar, egg yolks, vanilla extract, heavy cream and more vanilla wafers.

Watch how easily this epic cheesecake comes together in the video below.

Doesn’t that recipe look incredible yet incredibly easy? You could make this delicious dessert for a special occasion like a birthday or Thanksgiving, but it would also be a wonderful treat on a random weekend. Who would you share this dessert with?