Makeovers are funny things. We’ve noticed that most people tend to go into the salon for a full transformation when they either a) are nearing an important birthday or milestone, or b) have suffered a recent hardship. If you think about it, it makes sense that someone who is dealing with a lot on the inside would want to spruce up their outside.

Today’s video from one of our all-time favorite stylists perfectly illustrates the latter part of the makeover scenario.

Mary, who is a longtime fan of Christopher Hopkins, A.K.A. The Makeover Guy, has, after a particularly emotional year, decided to go into the salon to get a whole new look. She even brings her adorable granddaughter with her for some much-needed moral support.

As we mentioned, Mary has had a trying year. At the top of the clip, she mentions that she has dealt with many deaths this year, including that of her mother. On her recent losses, she says, “It’s been all these changes, and I want a good change.” We hear you, Mary!

While the “makeoveree” certainly has had to deal with a lot of hard stuff, she forgets to mention one important thing on the day of her makeover.

You see, after she went home with her new ‘doo, Mary sent a letter explaining that she had recently lost a whopping 30 pounds and that this makeover was “sort of a self-reward.” Sounds good to us!

How this grandma got her chic new look

Before Hopkins gets started on this grandmother’s transformation, he begins one of his famous consultations where he diplomatically answers her pre-makeover questions. For example, when Mary asks whether or not she should keep the gray in her hair, the stylist purses his lips and starts to squirm; he clearly doesn’t like the idea of her going without color.

“You can,” he begins, “it’s just…because of the texture AND the gray AND the salt and pepper…” Hopkins doesn’t need to finish his sentence—the client simply nods agreeably, as if to let him know that he is more than welcome to do whatever he wants to her mop!

After some funny banter to help lighten the mood, the master stylist works his magic on the one-and-only Mary. In regards to her cut, Hopkins opts to take off quite a few inches, and, true to his mission, makes sure to work with her naturally curly texture.

In terms of color, he chooses a gorgeous caramel color throughout, paired with some gorgeous blonde highlights for the front layers. The end result makes Mary look so much more refreshed. Even her granddaughter thinks she looks “bubbly!”

Now that you know all about Mary’s motivation for visiting Hopkins’ salon, it’s time for you to witness the entire transformation for yourself. Just click on the video below to see this grandma’s hot new look. We think she definitely likes it!

What do you think of Mary’s cut and color? Have you ever received a full makeover before? If so, were you happy with your results?