Grandfather of 10 Buys Small Bus So He Can Drive His Grandkids to School

There are only a few ways for kids to get to school. If they live close enough, they can walk or ride a bike. At a further distance, either the parents need to drop them off or they can take the school bus

We’ve seen some heartwarming stories about kids walking to school and being greeted by a friendly older man giving them inspirational advice, or waving at a friendly older woman who lived near the school campus. 

In both of those cases, the older adult was a stranger who brightened the day of many school children every morning. Now, a grandfather has found an amazing way to brighten every morning for his own grandchildren.

It all started back in June when Doug Hayes was celebrating his 59th birthday with his wife Amy. Just for fun, she asked him, “Well, you’re officially going to be old next year, anything you need to check off your bucket list? Anything you need to do in your last year before 60?”

Doug took Amy’s question to heart and thought about it for the next few weeks. Three weeks later, he had an answer. To his wife’s surprise, he said, “I want a bus.”

As Amy recalls in a recent Facebook post, Doug went on to explain,

I want a bus so I can go around every morning, pick up all the grandkids, and drive them to school before I go to work. Just a small bus. We’d sing songs, talk, and it would be something unforgettable they did with their grandfather. If money were no object, I’d want a bus.

How sweet is that?

Doug set out to make this dream a reality. As the last Advent gift before Christmas, Doug revealed “The Grandfather Express.” His grandkids were thrilled!

Doug has 10 grandkids. Only 5 of them are school-aged, but the rest will be attending school in the near future. The 5 kids that already go to school attend Paideia Classical Christian School. This school is about a 20 minute drive from home, and since they don’t have school buses at this school, the kids’ parents drive their kids to school every day, or, at least they did.

Starting the first day back to school after Christmas, the Grandfather Express will be open for business. We’re sure the parents are going to enjoy that extra 20 minutes every morning!

Doug only lives about 3 miles from the school, so he plans to drive back home and switch to his car before heading to work. Easy peasy.

We think this is such an amazing and unique idea. Doug and his grandkids are sure to make some fun morning memories on this school bus.