It’s always wonderful to find ways to stay active and healthy that are also fun. While one person may enjoy training for a marathon, another person may prefer yoga. While one person may prefer peace and solitude from exercising solo, another person may prefer to meet up with friends.

Especially if you’re in the group that prefers healthy activities that can also be social, you may want to take up golf. Even if you’re not in that group, you still might want to take up golf. If you’re already a regular at your local golf club, we’re going to give you even more reasons to love your sport.

Currently, over 60 million people play golf around the world. Golf definitely has health benefits since it involves moderate physical activity, especially for golfers who choose to walk around the course instead of hopping in the golf cart.

Recently, a panel of 25 golf and health experts provided feedback (via completed surveys) regarding the health benefits of golf, and they found that golfing can have a positive impact on things like blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and even lead to a longer lifespan.

One health aspect that had been previously overlooked was the aspect of social interaction. Golf can definitely be a social sport, and it turns out that’s a really good thing.

Roger Hawkes, one of the study’s authors, said in a CNN interview that, “Social interaction is the risk factor which has been undervalued. Mental health is a big thing in this day and age, and moderate physical activity is associated with a reduction in anxiety and a reduction in depression.”

The outcome of the study presents an argument that golf shouldn’t be a sport that’s reserved for private club membership but that it should be more accessible to the masses.

Hawkes says, “We’ll always have exclusive clubs, but we want governments and policymakers to see that there are benefits in playing golf, and that perhaps they should open up golf clubs to more types.”

Most golfers live in North America, Europe and Australia. Currently, more men play golf than women, and more people of white-European heritage play golf than other ethnicities.

The study lists multiple factors that should make golf enticing to more and more groups of people, such as the fact that it can be played throughout your life, that it can be competitive and that it can provide enjoyable outdoor exercise.

Sounds good to us! Excuse us while we go dust off our golf clubs.

Do you like to play golf? Does this study surprise you?