If going camping has made your socially distant pandemic-friendly list of activities you want to partake in this summer, then you’re going to need a few items—a tent, for one, plus a sleeping bag, cozy pajamas, and perhaps some skewers for roasting s’mores.

But there’s one other thing you can’t go camping without—something you probably didn’t even know you needed until you realized it existed: A trusty glow-in-the-dark tent rope.

If you’ve ever been camping before, you’re probably well aware that the rope you tie your tent down with tends to blend into the ground once in place, becoming relatively invisible by nighttime.

How would you know that? You’ve more than likely tripped over it one too many times (or a member of your family has), making your camping experience not so enjoyable.

Luckily, this rope is the answer to your skinned-knee prayers. With its reflective tracers, it shines bright as day in the dark so you’ll never have to worry about tripping again.

The rope brightens even more by charging the rope in direct sunlight and shining a light on it when in use. Plus, it barely takes up any space in your camping bag—a bag you’re already trying to keep minimal—a perfect camping accessory all around. It’s made of polypropylene and is so light that it even floats!

The best part of all: It costs a small price of just $15.99 on Amazon and if you have prime, will make it in time for your camping trip within two days’ notice.

Of course, you can use this rope for much more than just camping. The rope is designed for many outdoor activities. “This line is great for emergency applications, hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing, hunting and traveling, also adding that it’s an “essential piece to any survival gear kit,” says the company.

And there you have it. If you’re doing any of these recreational activities this summer, this cord is a must-have.

As the description states, “Simply put, you won’t get better visibility in any rope or cord! This highly reflective strip is woven into the outer surface of the rope in both directions to ensure the highest nighttime visibility possible.”

You can purchase the glow-in-the-dark rope here!

Do you like to camp? Do you find you trip over your tent rope often? Do you think this glow in the dark rope will solve your camping woes?