15 Tips To Make Your Camping Trip So Much Easier

It’s hard to believe, but there’s only about a month left to summer! How are YOU going to spend those last warm days before the start of school and cooler temps? If your answer is “camping,” then you have to check out these tricks! Whether it’s starting a campfire, keeping your tools organized, and answering “nature’s call” in nature, there’s an idea here to make your camping experience easier and smarter. Check them out!

  1. Can Opening Trick

    Canned food is a go-to option for campers everywhere thanks to its nonperishable, sturdy and secure nature. Just one problem— what if you leave the can opener at home? No worries! Just use this smart survival hack and “rub” it open!

  2. Aluminum Can Stove

    Once you get that food open, you need a way to cook it! DIY a little stove by reusing another kind of can: aluminum soda cans!

  3. Metal Can Heater

    Don’t drink soda, have aluminum cans hanging out in the recycle bin, or want to spend time banging two cans together? Try this alternative DIY heater and stove made with just a tin can, rubbing alcohol, and toilet paper!

  4. Organized Camping Kitchen

    All campers know the rule: “You carry out what you carried in.” Make it a little easier to keep track of everything by using a hanging shoe organizer to corral your camping “kitchen.”

  5. Toilet Paper Holder

    Next to the kitchen, what’s the room we miss the most when roughing it? The bathroom, of course! Make things a little easier by keeping your toilet paper dry in an empty coffee container . . .

  6. Luggable Loo

    . . . and making a portable toilet out of a bucket, toilet seat, garbage bag and kitty litter.

  7. DIY Solar Lantern

    Don’t be deterred by the woods at nighttime! Light your way with a solar lantern that powers up and stores power during the day. Even better— you can make it out of Dollar Store products!

  8. Mosquito Repellant

    The number one way to ruin a camping trip is to get eaten alive by pesky mosquitos. Repel them naturally with this DIY jar of lemon eucalyptus oil, lemons, limes, water and rosemary.

  9. Match Dispenser and Disposal Jar

    Your best friend when you’re doing anything outdoors is a mason jar, and with this idea, it’s nature’s, too! If you use matches to start your fires, prevent it from spreading and starting a forest fire with a jar for match disposal and dispensing.

  10. Steel Wool Fire

    Whether it’s for cooking, warmth, or warding off wildlife, a campfire is the number one thing you need while roughing it. If you’re struggling to get yours started, consider adding some extra power with steel wool!

  11. Folding Picnic Table

    Prefer to eat your campfire-cooked meals above the pests on the ground? Throw this incredible rolling table into your trunk before you depart on your trip! It folds up to only 20-by-20-by-30-inches, includes seats, and, with the right plans, you can make it yourself.

  12. Nature-Safe Speaker

    Want those campfire sing-a-longs to be accompanied by music but don’t want to risk speakers in the woods? Take inspiration from this beach hack and make an easy DIY version out of a toilet paper tube!

  13. Bear Protection

    This one’s less of a “trick” and more of a survival tip, but it’s super important. While you should always try to avoid the wildlife, if you somehow find yourself near a bear, try to make yourself as large and loud as possible to encourage the bear to run away from you.

  14. Suspended Solo Tent

    Are you a super-adventurous solo camper? Make your experience a little more enjoyable with the Lawson hammock, a bug-proof, rain-proof, super-light tent you can suspend above the ground for dry sleeping and turn into a hammock for daytime relaxation.

  15. Make-Ahead Meals Prep

    Don’t let the prospect of only eating granola bars and trail mix deter you from the great outdoors! Instead, eat like a camping king with hobo packs, coffee “cakes,” Ziploc-ed steaks and already-cracked eggs.

So many smart tricks! Get even more ideas from this list over on One Good Thing By Jillee, and weigh in with the tricks you use when you retreat to the great outdoors. Are you an expert camper, or are you new to roughing it? Do you love getting back to nature, or do you prefer central air and flush toilets? Tell us about your preferences and your camping experiences!