This Giant Inflatable Floating Summer Cabana is the Stuff Summer Dreams Are Made Of

There’s nothing quite like a summer day out at a club, is there? The dancing, the music, the drinks, the sweat…

Okay, so summer clubbing can have its downfalls too. So if you’re trying to avoid bars at all costs, but still want to have a bit of fun this summer, then you’re going to want this cool new product by Funboy that helps you bring the day club to you…well, to your pool that is.

Meet the giant inflatable floating summer cabana—the summer essential that you didn’t know you needed!

The float, which is 10 feet long by 8 feet wide, is pretty amazing. It can fit up about 4-6 adults (up to 700 pounds) and is set up to bring the party (or just a relaxing day in the sun) to you.

The pièce de resistance of the contraption, we have to say, is its designated spot for all your drinks—a built-in cooler right in the center. That’s right, you can float along the water knowing you don’t need to stop any time soon to refresh your beverage (and not stand in any lines at a real bar). All you have is time (and space for your favorite beer)!

Additionally, the float contains four backrests, four cup holders, and two foot baths with a mesh bottom. Plus, there are sturdy entry pads to help you get in out easily and without falling into the water (because the point is to not get wet, right?).

Another amazing piece of it all: the removable sunshade. It’s large enough to cover everyone in the float if you want to avoid the sun, but can be easily removed if you want to soak up some rays.

The float is made from a durable (yet soft) vinyl material, so it’s durable to last for summers beyond summers. Funboy has truly thought of everything!

The float is sold out on Funboy’s website, and was sold out for summer of 2020, but you can snag it while it lasts from a website called Frontgate.

So what are you waiting for? Invite some of your favorite closest friends over for some fun days on the water to come.

Can’t afford the floating cabana? Don’t worry—there are still lots of affordable options for fun in the sun. Try this inflatable sofa,  motorized pool float, or these beach wine glasses, all guaranteed to up the ante for your summer.

What are you looking forward to most this summer? What’s your favorite way to relax in the sun? Would you ever buy this floating cabana, or something similar?