Early fall is the time of year when stores start to quietly roll out their holiday-themed food and drinks. Egg nog joins regular schmegular milk, sparkling cider sits alongside plain apple juice, and gingerbread cozies up to everyday cookie mixes.

Know what else gets a big upgrade? The candy selection! For those of you who thought that Peeps were just for Easter baskets, you and your kids don’t have to wait until the spring to enjoy them. Gingerbread men marshmallow treats are now available from the candy maker for the holiday season.

Flavored with a gingerbread cookie dusting on the outer layer, they are available in two sizes, including G-I-A-N-T. We must say, Peeps has outdone itself by offering a 4-inch version of the snack that towers over the rest of the marshmallow gang. And he’s doing it with a signature outfit and smile.

The giant gingerbread man comes in a pack of one or pack of three, perfect for gifting. If you know you want to load up on these in large quantities, you are encouraged to buy them in bulk directly from the company’s website, where you can order either size by the case.

Love Peeps but gingerbread flavor not your jam? That’s alright. You’ll also find peppermint Peeps Chicks that taste like candy canes. Chocolate lovers might be enticed by the marshmallow mousse-flavored reindeer that comes in small packs of six. The idea of a mousse reindeer mashup sounds quite tasty.

Why not add more to the marshmallow collection with the Peeps snowmen and Christmas trees? Both of those are available in small sizes but can be ordered in packs of 3 or 9. We wonder how they would taste dunked in a mug of hot cocoa. Want something more gourmet? Go for one of their fudge-dipped options. Yeah, those exist too.

Since Peeps have become a classic treat in many households, people have found ways to use them outside of their eat-one-and-done function. They can be a cake ingredient, dessert decoration (yay gingerbread house!), or transformed into edible play dough. If you don’t want to eat them, you can even make a wreath!

Peeps fans out there may be on the fence because Halloween just ended, and you’re worried about sugar shock and cavities. We understand. But these oversize marshmallow men are a new addition to the menu and there’s a chance they’ll sell out. Weigh your Christmas candy options.

You can go the traditional route of candy canes or kick it up a bit with these marshmallow delights. We don’t see anything wrong with creating an entire army of giant gingerbread men for your dessert table, so go for it.

People are very excited about the “Giant Gingerbread Man” and one of those runs about $1.25 at your local store, but Amazon carries them too. Stock up for your stocking stuffers before they run out!

Do you plan on loading up on these holiday Peeps? Which flavors are grabbing your attention? What are your plans for all those Peeps?