8 Uses for Peeps That Will Amaze Your Kids

If you’ve grabbed some Peeps to have on hand for Easter but have more than you know what to do with, never fear. There are a ton of fun and creative ways to make use of them. And if you try any of these ideas, we’re positive you’re going to gain some cool-parent points from your kids.

These are almost too easy to make. Customize them in your own way, then create a fun lollipop.

Substitute Peeps for marshmallow, and bam! You’ve got fun, colorful treats your kids will love.

Create adorable little houses for your Peeps out of graham crackers and frosting.

Your kids will flip for this fun, edible play dough.

Grab some Necco wafers, white fudge-covered Oreos, Twinkies, pink bunny Peeps and some black edible marker to create an adorable Easter vehicle.

Use Peeps as the border for this colorful, wonderful cake.

These cute bunnies look like they’re popping right out of the Earth!

These Peeps swim around in a little cup full of Jell-O.