We love having a dishwasher. We remember a time years ago living in an apartment when there wasn’t a dishwasher. Honestly, paper plates were our best friend. Washing dishes by hand is not something we do for fun.

While we love the convenience of a dishwasher, there is one pesky little task we still have to do – dry the dishes. It’s not called a dish dryer after all.

Hold on. We know, we know. There is a cycle where the dishwasher is supposed to steam dry the dishes. We get it, and yes it does partly work. However, some of our cups and bowls always end up with a little pool of water in them, and we have to dry them by hand before putting them away.

Or, do we?

Sure, we could open the dishwasher door and let the dishes air dry to get rid of the pesky leftover water, but who has time for that? When we open the dishwasher door, it’s either to put the dishes away or to get out something that we want to use at that specific moment. We don’t want to wait for the water to evaporate.

It turns out there’s another way. TikTok user @jasminegazelle has shared a brilliant and super simple hack that she says will result in completely dry dishes. In a video that she shared, she simply uses a hand towel, but she doesn’t use it to dry the dishes. Instead, she opens the dishwasher, hangs the towel over the door so that half of it is inside the dishwasher and closes the door again. She claims the towel will absorb all of the extra moisture and leave the dishes completely dry.

Watch her TikTok below to see this hack in action.

@jasminegazelleI literally do this every time now. ##lifehack♬ Ultimate life hacks – Kelly – The Life Bath

One TikTok user shared that her mother used to do this exact same hack, but she “never knew why.” Her mother passed away before she could find out what this hack was all about. Now she knows.

Another viewer wrote, “Ok. If this is true you’re my new best friend.”

It seems like this hack really does work. One viewer wrote, “Omg omg omg I’ve been doing this for 2 weeks now and it works!!”

Some other viewers commented with their own tips about how to get dishes completely dry. One viewer wrote, “home appliance service rep here…you’re SUPPOSED TO CRACK THE DOOR AT THE END OF THE WASH. ESPECIALLY if you put anything plastic in the wash.”

Do you get annoyed by the extra water on dishes after running the dishwasher? Are you going to try this dish towel hack?