Flight Attendant Shares Why You Shouldn’t Accept Vouchers After Getting Bumped Off Flights

We’re choosing not to travel right now due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn’t mean we’re not daydreaming about our next vacation. We love thinking about the next place we’ll visit, what we’ll do, where we’ll go and who will come with us.

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s more fun to think about traveling than it is to actually travel. This isn’t always the case, but once in awhile there’s a nightmare flight or the hotel gave our room to someone else. It’s ok. It all ends up working out, but when you’re dealing with it at the time, you may not be able to think clearly about what you should do next.

Sandra Kwon used to be a flight attendant for Emirates. It’s been 10 years since she moved on, but she still very clearly remembers the experience and has a lot of hilarious and helpful videos to share. She has 3.7 million followers on TikTok, and they are loving her videos.

Kwon shares everything from things most people don’t know about the cabin crew to funny reenactments of situations that might happen on an airplane.

Recently, Kwon posted a video that’s very helpful if you ever get bumped off a flight because it was overbooked. In the video, which she titled, “Travel Tips You Might Not Know About,” Kwon makes it very clear that you should never ever accept a voucher when from an airline if you get bumped from a flight at the last minute. She says that you’re actually entitled to another flight and cash.

Watch her TikTok below to learn just how much cash you could get if you’re bumped from a flight.

@jeenie.weenieDid you know this? 🥰 Also all countries have different compensation structures! ##cabincrewlife♬ original sound – Sandra Jeenie Kwon

In the comments, Kwon notes that it’s important not to get mad at the gate agent. She wrote, “Also pls remember it’s not the gate agent’s fault for the overbooking and it’s so stressful for them to manage all the passengers. Pls be respectful.”

Kwon also clarifies in the comments that “cash” usually does not mean actual dollar bills. Instead, you’re more likely to get a debit card.

Some of Kwon’s followers shared their own stories about being bumped from a flight. One comment reads, “I got bumped before, I was going to Australia few years ago. took 6 hours for next flight. got $2200 and upgraded to first class.”

Another person wrote, “I always try to be the volunteer…. my boyfriend and I got $500 each for a $180 flight round trip and we got bumped up to first class :)”

Have you ever been bumped from a flight?