It seems like the tabloids are full of articles about scandals and Hollywood couples who are splitting up or having affairs. What’s motivating is when we hear about couples whose marriage really lasts decade after decade.

Let’s face it. Marriage is hard. It’s important to marry the right person, but it can still be a battle during some seasons. After all, two people will not always see eye to eye.

We imagine that it must be even harder to keep your marriage strong when you’re in the spotlight. Celebrity couples sometimes spend extended periods of time apart while one spouse is filming a movie or on tour, and that kind of separation can put additional strain on a marriage.

Some couples manage to overcome any obstacle thrown their way, and we can learn a lot from their experience. Actor Gary Sinise and his wife, actress Moira Harris, have been married for almost 40 years. They’ve raised three children together, and their marriage is still going strong.

You probably remember Gary Sinise from his role as Lt. Dan in the movie “Forrest Gump.” He was nominated for an Oscar for that role.

In the movie, Lt. Dan was injured in battle, and his legs were amputated at the knee. Since the movie, he has been very generous to veterans.

In 2011, he started the Gary Sinise Foundation which helps veterans who were injured in the line of duty by providing them with adaptive homes. He also tries to bring joy to the children of soldiers who lost their lives by treating the kids to trips to fun places like Walt Disney World.

Sinise is also a musician and performs in the Lt. Dan Band. He also puts on Veterans Day events. He said, “All this stuff that I’ve done prior to this, the movie business, the television work, the theater company, the success I’ve had, this is what it’s for. It’s to give something.”

He certainly sounds like a generous guy with a big heart. We imagine that Moria must love that about him.

He also really prioritizes his family. Back in 2017, when he was about to become a grandfather for the first time, he said “no” to many activities he would usually say “yes” to. He wanted to make sure he was there when his grand daughter was born.

Gary Sinise and Moria Harris met long before they reached celebrity status. In fact, they were in college together in Illinois at the time. They have been happily married since 1981.

In an interview with Parade, Gary Sinise was asked what tips he has for a long married. He said, “A sense of humor. My wife’s a loving, funny, Irish-spirited person, and I’m still surprised at some of the things she says. She makes me laugh every day.”