If you consider yourself a die-hard pop culture devotee, then you are likely a big fan of one of the cutest Hollywood couples around, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. These two effervescent Aussies have been the reigning king and queen of Nashville for over 11 years now, but their time in the spotlight hasn’t necessarily been the smoothest of rides.

Like most famous couples, there have been allegations of extramarital affairs, looming divorce proceedings, and even abuse, but the dynamic duo has continued to find creative ways to clear the air and uphold their images.

How Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban keep things positive amid the media circus

It’s no secret that both Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have been through the ringer over the years.

For one, the actress had a particularly nasty public split from her ex-husband, the uber-famous movie star Tom Cruise. Although there has been a lot of talk surrounding their divorce—especially in regards to his involvement in Scientology—Kidman has remained relatively mum on the painful time.

Just the same, the two fought a nasty custody battle, which resulted in the reported loss of a relationship between Nicole and her adopted daughter, Bella.

On Keith’s end, the country crooner dealt with a very public addiction battle. Just four short months after wedding Nicole in a Sydney ceremony, the singer checked into the Betty Ford Center for drug and alcohol abuse.

It was a trying time, but upon completing his treatment in 2007, he returned to the stage a sober man, crediting his new wife for getting him through his darkest hour.

Luckily, Keith didn’t skip a beat after his time in treatment. He continued to sell out stadiums around the world, and even went on to pick up a CMA for a duet that he recorded with country queen Carrie Underwood.

Perhaps not surprisingly, some less-than-savory media outlets accused the two singers of carrying on an affair together, something that both parties have vehemently denied. And because it definitely wasn’t Keith’s first rodeo when it came to bad press, he came up with a fruitful response.

Instead of lashing out or threatening to sue the publications, he made a video with his lovely wife, Nicole. Watch it below to see the covert yet powerful message they send to their fans.

While the couple has received plenty of accolades for their creative home video, the rumor mill just won’t stop swirling! It seems that, unfortunately, the two are destined to have bad press when it comes to their relationship.

We couldn’t imagine how hard it would be to constantly push away rude comments and bad vibes!

Because we think Keith and Nicole’s relationship should be celebrated, we have a bit of a palette cleanser for you that shows off some of their happiest moments. There’s no denying that chemistry!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this sweet couple! Are you a fan of this Hollywood relationship? Do you think they’ll make it long-term? Who is your go-to celebrity couple?