You know how everyone’s always looking for “the best thing since sliced bread”? Well, we’re pretty sure we’ve found it, and all you need is a tortilla.

We know. Tortillas aren’t exactly new. We’ve been using them forever to make all kinds of recipes. We love tacos, burritos and quesadillas as much as anyone else. Now, we know there are many, many more ways to enjoy tortillas, and it all comes down to how you cut and fold them.

If you’re bored with eating the same old food over and over again, this new tortilla hack with give you a whole new way to enjoy the flavors you love. You might even be inspired to branch out and try completely new flavors.

Here’s how it works. You take a tortilla and make one cut from the edge of the tortilla towards the middle. Now, visualize four equal sections of the tortilla and put a different ingredient on each one. For example, for a cheeseburger, you could put a burger patty on one section, spread ketchup on another, add lettuce to a third, and cheese to the fourth. Now, fold each section on top of the other to create a stacked tortilla sandwich-type awesome new way to eat pretty much anything. Finally, grill it on each side to make it crisp and melty.

This tortilla hack works for pretty much anything. You can even use the same concept when making sushi. Watch the video below and prepare to get inspired.

Is your mouth watering too? Just us?

We think this tortilla hack will appeal to kids too. They can even help adding the ingredients and folding the layers; although, parents probably want to take over when it comes to grilling it.

Many viewers are raving about this new tortilla hack, and some are even sharing what ingredients they’ve tried it with. For example, one person used this hack to make breakfast with ham, cheese, spinach and scrambled eggs. Sounds delicious! We might try this hack for every meal of the day including dessert.

Are you going to try this tortilla hack? What ingredients will you use?