TikTok User Accidentally Discovered This Amazing Flour Tortilla Toaster Hack

We love flour tortillas, but unless you’re going to eat them at room temperature, it takes a little bit of time to achieve that perfect crispiness for a soft yet crunchy taco. Sometimes we turn to the oven. Sometimes we use a frying pan. Is there a better way?

Again, even though we love flour tortillas, there is another slightly messy issue. Are we the only ones who have food dripping out the back of our taco while we’re eating it? Perhaps we haven’t perfected the head tilt needed to keep it all in place, or perhaps we’re putting too much food in our tacos. 

Thankfully, we now have a super easy solution for both of those issues. All you need is a toaster and some taco size tortillas, you know, the little ones that look like they would fit inside a toaster, not the big burrito size ones.

TikTok user clean_air posted a video showing that magic that happens when you put a little flour tortilla inside a toaster. It get puffy! There is basically a huge bubble inside the tortilla which means you can cut it open and fill it with whatever you want – meat, lettuce, salsa…you get the idea. 

As someone mentioned in the comments, it’s like an “uncrustable but make it spicy.” Not sure what an uncrustable is? Your kids probably know. It’s basically a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without crusts, but the crusts are pinched together all the way around.

Putting our food inside the puffed up tortilla certainly solves the messy problem, but what about achieving the perfect soft yet crispy tortilla texture? Yup. The toaster solves that problem too. 

You may need to play around with your toaster setting to find the right one for a tortilla so it’s not burnt but still a little crispy. We recommend starting on the lowest setting and working your way up until you hit the perfect level of crisp.

In the comments on TikTok, one viewer wrote, “This is called a Gordita, my mexican household makes them from scratch with flour.”

Yes, see, it’s an authentic Mexican food recreated with a toaster. Thank you to user @CaraPlata for putting a name with this epicly easy (to make and eat) creation!

Watch the video below to see for yourself how a toaster can transform a tortilla into a Gordita. 

@clean_airAccidentally discovered something not sure if this is a thing already ##LetsFaceIt ##IAmLost♬ original sound – mitchflippo1

One comment on this video reads, “This is probably the greatest thing to ever escape FoodTikTok.” 

We can’t argue with that. Are you going to try this toaster hack?