We make pasta quite often. It was one of those grocery items that we stocked up on before it sold out back in March when lockdowns started and grocery store shelves started to empty. Oh, good times.

Thankfully, our kids love pasta, and it’s pretty versatile. We can turn it into mac and cheese, top it with our favorite red sauce, mix it with pesto, or just add some butter and enjoy. Leftover pasta is also a crowd favorite when we transform it into pasta salad.

Another great thing about pasta is that it’s pretty quick and easy to make. We often turn to store-bought pasta. Just boil water, add pasta and let it simmer; however, it’s pretty easy to make pasta from scratch with just flour and water.

The one thing we don’t like about pasta is draining the water. More than one time, we’ve had some of our pasta end up in the sink. Insert face palm here.

Leave it to TikTok to solve all of our cooking problems. First, we learn a new way to eat tortillas, and now this epic way to drain pasta.

TikTok user kristinalburn posted a video that shows two ways to drain water from pasta. The first way looks very familiar. She pours water from the pot through a metal strainer. 

The second way she demonstrates draining water is truly game-changing. She puts the metal strainer inside the pot, holding the two together and easily drains the water that way. 

It’s easier to understand when you watch it for yourself. Take a look at her video below.

@kristinalburnWhich way do you strain pasta? ##cookinghacks ##lifehack ##cookingtips ##gamechanger♬ ALL IN – ZaeHD & CEO

We currently don’t have a metal strainer that fits perfectly inside a pot like the one she’s using, but we’re going to be looking for one.

How do you strain your pasta? Are you going to try this TikTok hack the next time you make pasta?