If you are part of a family who partakes in a weekly game night, boy do we have an awesome hack for you today! We, too, follow a strict board game night in our household, but we’ve found that it hasn’t always been the most comfortable of situations.

You see, more times than not, playing a game on the kitchen table, or worse, the floor, can lead to a lot of problems. Not only do we have to clear off any seasonal decorations or condiments that may have otherwise have permanent spots, we’ve noticed that the little ones can rarely reach the dice or game pieces when sitting at such a large table.

It’s a problem that any seasoned parent knows well, but luckily we’ve found a perfect solution in the form of nesting tables!

If you don’t know about these creative furniture pieces, then you are really missing out. We have a set in our living room that we can either expand or stack, depending on how many guests we happen to have at any given moment.

They’re seriously the best for space-saving, but many don’t know that their surfaces can also double as game boards. Who knew?!

How to make your own nesting table game boards

For this hack you will first need to locate a set of nesting tables—the more you find, the more game boards you will get.

Pro tip: if you don’t already have a set or can’t find a good deal on one, you can always make your own! Here’s a tutorial that will help you get started.

Once you have your nesting tables, have a talk with your family and decide on what types of games you would like represented on the “boards”. In today’s video by House Made Simple, the host makes checkers and tic-tac-toe boards, but you can technically replicate any board you so desire. The possibilities are endless!

From there, tape off the tops of each table using high-quality painters’ tape for any grid-like sections or squares that are required for the game. You can then fill in the solid spots with any color paint you’d like—just first make sure that it is safe for the table’s surface before you get to brushing it on.

Doesn’t get much easier than that!

Another great thing about this particular hack is that it allows the family to split up for games, something that can really save a night.

For instance, if you are a family of four with a 3-year-old and a 10-year-old—an age difference that doesn’t mix well with board games! —you can play on one table with your 3-year-old, while your partner plays on the other with the older child. Believe us, that small change will help keep the peace!

To learn more about how you can create custom game boards on your tables, be sure to watch the video below. Your next family game night is going to be so much more fun!

We’d love to hear what you think about these cool game board nesting tables. Have you ever tried this hack before? If so, do you have any tips on how to best complete it? What’s your favorite game to play on family game night?