15 of the Funniest Pregnancy Announcements We’ve Ever Seen

Pregnancy. It’s sweet, it’s nerve-racking, and it’s life-affirming, but it’s not all that often that we hear it referred to as being “funny.” This is likely due to the many strong emotions that run rampant during the special time, especially for first-time parents. That said, just because pregnancies themselves don’t elicit belly laughs, doesn’t mean that pregnancy announcements can’t. As a matter of fact, it’s become rather trendy for expectant parents to create the silliest public declarations they can think of.

Don’t believe us? Just search the #funnypregnancyannouncements on social media and you will quickly be graced with some seriously creative–and seriously hilarious!–examples. Here are 15 of our absolute favorites…

  1. The new recruits

    Something tells us that these soon-to-be parents are going to have to study long and hard prior to birth. They’ll be naturals…we hope!

  2. The fainting daddy

    We seriously hope that she’s planning on giving birth at the hospital and not at home–for her partner’s sake, not for her’s. It looks like this dad might need some medical attention when he passes out in the delivery room!

  3. The grieving kiddo

    Being the youngest comes with a heck of a lot of perks. That is, until you aren’t the youngest anymore. He’ll get over it–we hope…

  4. The well-placed road sign

    A creative pregnancy announcement at its finest!

  5. The blockbuster pregnancy

    We’re just going out on a limb here, but something in this post leads us to believe that this couple likely loves movies. Soon they’ll be binge-watching with a little one!

  6. The premature mall Santa photo

    This might just be the only photo the couple gets where their kiddo isn’t crying on Santa’s lap!

  7. The epic ‘plot twist’

    A simple, straight-to-the-point, and oh-so-funny pregnancy announcement. We give it two thumbs up!

  8. The dueling bellies

    This dad has officially taken the concept of “sympathy weight gain” to a whole new level!

  9. The best brother a babe could ever ask for

    That Golden Retriever is seriously STOKED to become an older brother. What did we do to desserve dogg-os?

  10. The Maury Povich commemoration

    To some, this banner MIGHT be a strange way for a woman to divulge her pregnancy to her partner, but for those who were raised on trashy daytime TV, the message makes perfect sense.

  11. The mixed review

    Well, at least this kiddo will come into the world with a brother who’s happy to see them. Not sure if the sister will get over it in time, though.

  12. The bear attack(?) pregnancy

    We’re not even going to pretend to ‘get’ this funny pregnancy announcement, but it still made us laugh anyway!

  13. The three bellies explained

    The family that bloats together, stays together!

  14. The aptly-titled mug

    Sometimes the simplest messages are the most effective. Congrats to the parents and the–er–winning sperm…

  15. The wine-starved mamma

    Saying ‘goodbye’ to Pinot Grigio for a full 9 months sure is a tall order. We hope this momma books a ticket on the Napa Wine Train after she gives birth!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these funny pregnancy announcements! Which one is your favorite? Have you ever created one before? If so, would you be willing to share yours?