People Are Struggling to Find the Frog Hidden Among the Leaves

There’s nothing like a good brain teaser to make us feel more confident, as if we’ve made a major accomplishment. These fun puzzles are just hard enough to be a challenge, but they are still solvable if we focus.

Did you know that brain teasers and puzzles are actually good for your brain? Not only do they take away any feelings of being bored, but they also help prevent dementia as well as improving memory and concentration. Have a big text coming up and having trouble studying? Preparing for a presentation at work? A brain teaser might make it easier for your brain to focus and remember what you need to know.

Brain teasers are like a workout for your brain. They help you work on problem solving skills in a fun and unique way.

One type of brain teaser that we particularly love is the hidden picture puzzle. In these types of brain teasers, an object is hidden somewhere in a picture. Usually that sounds easy at first, but after looking at the picture for a few seconds, we realize that our brain is definitely going to get a workout.

There are a few tricks to solving these types of hidden picture puzzles. First, instead of randomly scanning the picture to find what you’re looking for, it’s a good idea to look closely at the details. The picture is intended to trick you, so it really is all about looking for a detail that seems out of place.

One way to make sure you don’t miss any details is to start at one corner of the picture and work your way across, carefully looking at each detail before continuing.

Gergely Dudás is a master at creating hidden picture puzzles. They are fun for both kids and adults. Families could easily beat boredom by challenging each other to see who can solve the puzzle first.

Give your brain a workout by trying to solve this hidden picture puzzle created by Dudás. The picture is filled with leaves, but somewhere hidden in the leaves, there is a frog. Yes, frogs are green and so are most of the leaves. Good luck. This one is challenging.

If you’re having trouble finding the hidden frog, we can give you a couple hints. Don’t read on unless you want help solving the puzzle.

  1. The frog is on the bottom half of the picture.
  2. The picture of the frog is just of the frog’s head.
  3. Yes, the frog is green.

Take another look. Did you find it?

If you’re still stuck, you can find the answer to the puzzle here.

What’s your favorite hidden picture puzzle or brain teaser? Does it surprise you that brain teasers are good for your brain?