13 People Who Are Following Covid Safety Guidelines Share How They’re Coping With Being Treated Like They’re Crazy

The CDC and multiple health experts have made it very clear how we can all protect ourselves and our those around us from getting and spreading COVID-19. For example, wearing a face mask, social distancing and avoiding crowded places are all great ways to stay safe.

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks it’s important to follow the CDC’s guidelines about COVID-19. Some of these people are even so bold as to criticize friends and family who are taking the guidelines seriously.

Reddit user JazzyPenguin asked, “How do you cope with being treated like you are crazy for following covid safety guidelines, when others around you aren’t doing the same?”

Scroll down to read some great examples of what people have said and done to stand up for the health and safety guidelines they are following including some examples from health care workers.

  1. “For Your Benefit”

    Reddit user xTheatreTechie wrote:

    “I work at a hospital, and go to covid floors on a regular basis. It’s more for your benefit than mine.” It’s true and unsurprisingly shuts up even the most ignorant of people.

  2. COVID ICU Nurse

    OGBigcountry shared:

    I’m a covid icu nurse. I find it funny when people say something like this. Then when I inform them of where I work, I suddenly have at least six feet all around me and people are staring at me in shock or horror.

  3. My Mask Explains It

    daelite explained:

    If anyone ever said anything to me, I would probably just laugh at them. My mask even says the immune disease I have on it, just for that one purpose…to keep people for giving me shit. Saying that, I mostly stay home, I do no contact shopping, and doctor’s appointments. I’ll not let anyone make me feel badly for protecting myself or my family.

  4. Just Ignore the Comments

    Seveniee added:

    I live in rural Indiana and hardly anyone wears a mask or distances. I go about life the same way I always do honestly, stay in as much as possible and when I’m out I pretend they don’t exist. When I do get snide comments I just ignore them and carry on with my day.

  5. Use Their Mindset to Your Advantage

    IceBear14 shared:

    Keep on doing it. If anyone asks, just respond with “Listen, I don’t tell you you how to protect you and your family, don’t start telling me how to protect mine”. Most of the covidiots I run in to are against it because they don’t like being told how to live their lives, so use that mind set against them

  6. Walked Out of Work

    robfromza explained:

    I walked out of work. As the HR manager I had no choice. I was just so frustrated that my boss wasn’t taking it seriously. This happened in April when we (South Africa) went into lockdown. He wouldn’t provide masks, gloves, barriers etc for the factory. Then insisted all the office workers stay. So I walked out. I carried on working from home & completed all my tasks. Got disciplinary action but he couldn’t fire me.Months later things have finally changed. But I’ve found another job. If that’s how he treats staff’s lives, he’ll do it again. Tomorrow is my last day. So, protect yourself & your family first. And ignore the idiots. This pandemic is real.

  7. Come Up With Your Own Conspiracy Theory

    ForgetfulLucy28 wrote:

    You gotta out crazy them by coming up with a bigger conspiracy. Like if someone says the earth is flat, snort condescendingly, “you believe the earth exists?”

  8. Agree With Them but Don’t Back Down

    Happy-Kaleidoscope82 added:

    I just happily agree. “Yup, I’m paranoid. Yup, we are all crazy. No, we still won’t get together with you, because I’m so paranoid and crazy. And yes, I still wear a mask every time I go outside, because I’m so paranoid and crazy.”The top priority in a pandemic is to survive it without getting sick. Period, full stop, end of story. Let everyone else think what they think. Just do what you need to do to keep yourself safe.

  9. Try To Ignore the Comments

    magicrowantree shared:

    I’ve had a fair share of arguments and have been branded the “crazy, overprotective new mom” by my husband’s family because I’ve taken this pandemic seriously as absolutely possible since the beginning. Yes, I’m especially adamant when it comes to my 5 month old, but I’d be just as serious if I didn’t have a baby around for this.I cope by keeping my foot firmly down and mostly ignoring the snide comments that come my way. I don’t need to justify my actions and decisions, so if you can’t comply with them, then don’t bother me with your bitching. There’s a few loved ones that are much more “relaxed,” but they’ve been respectful of my decisions.

  10. “I Care About You”

    qatalyst9 added:

    Heard this from someone else- just say “apparently I care about you more than you care about me.”

  11. “Like Driving a Car”

    ElectricChess shared:

    It’s like driving a car, and the other drivers aren’t being safe. You keep your distance, try to stay positive, and try to understand that everyone has different levels of risk tolerance, understanding of the rules, etc. and that the best you can do is keep yourself safe and not contribute to the problem. Getting upset, or wanting to personally intervene to police other people’s behavior is perfectly understandable, but it probably won’t help, it might even make things worse.

  12. Content Being a Caring Person

    BJoverTrapper explained:

    I remember seeing a tweet that read something like this (paraphrasing)“Even if the pandemic turns out not to be a big deal, and we really are all ‘Sheep’ I’ll be content knowing I was a sheep by caring for other people and wearing a mask” This stuck with me and makes me glad to follow guidelines

  13. A Hospice Worker

    I work in hospice, so I tell them to keep it up, because I’m the one that pulls the plug. Reactions are awkward 100% of the time.