7 Firefighter Babies Were Born Within the Same Year – So One of Their Wives Posted These Pictures with a Hilarious Caption

Round up a list of the top five cutest things in the world and we’re betting babies will be on there somewhere. They’re adorable, funny, and make people happy just by their mere presence. When you have more than one in the same space, it’s multiplied.

We’re talking about a special set of multiples today who aren’t related by blood, but definitely share a unique bond. At the Glenpool Fire Station in Oklahoma, seven firefighter dads posed for a photo with their little ones.

It turns out all the kiddos had something special in common: they were all born in the past 12 to 15 months. In this viral pic, the fire crew all suited up in their uniforms to hold their new babies, which include five girls and two boys.

Pic of babies and dads at Glenpool fire station.Avery Dykes

One of the wives/moms, Avery Dykes, acted as photographer for the cute shoot and spoke to Today about how hard it was to corral all the babies for the pictures:

“It was crazy! We were all trying to get our babies to look and smile. Someone compared it to herding cats.”

We can only imagine what a feat this must have been with crawling, crying, wiggly babies! Inspired by Pinterest posts of other newborns posing on their firefighting dads’ gear, a few of the moms wanted to plan a special photo shoot to capture the memory. It took some organizing and a whole lot of effort, but the result is cuteness amplified.

Captioned with “Something is in the water at the Glenpool Fire Station!” and posted on Facebook, the pictures went viral in just a few days. And we’re inclined to believe that this baby boom’s explanation may actually be true. Hey, these guys come into contact with a lot of water, right?

The babies range in age from 2 months up to 15 months, and all the parents are really close to each other. If you peek closely at the jacket shot, you’ll notice they are all wearing onesies but with a special detail: their daddies’ badge numbers.

Glenpool Fire Station babies.Avery Dykes

Although the photo shoot itself was planned, the pregnancies were not. Mom Sarah Hutchinson shared with People that everything wound up being a coincidence:

“The seven families are all around the same age where we are either starting a family or adding a sibling, and it was really, honestly, not planned.

A few of the wives even struggled to get pregnant, so the timing just happened when it did. It made it even more exciting for us to be able to do this with everybody.”

In interviews, both the dads and moms have spoken about how excited they are that their children will get to grow up together and become friends for life. Who knows? Maybe a new generation of Glenpool firefighters will grow up to take over the station and keep the torch blazing.

Are you loving these adorable photos? Can you think of a similar happenstance in your family or town? Would you be inspired to do a shoot like this?