How have you been spending your free time during the COVID-19 pandemic? Taking up gardening? Baking bread? Making your own face mask?

Chances are, you’ve at least done the last one, especially after the CDC announced new guidelines that everyone should be wearing some type of face cover-up if they leave their home.

While medical masks are reserved for healthcare workers, everyone else has been encouraged to make their own. It might sound intimidating, but it’s actually pretty easy: In fact, you can make your very own disposable mask in literally one minute flat.

One problem that some people have been experiencing is not being able to get your hands on the materials you need to make the mask.

Luckily, you can make a face mask out of pretty much anything these days—a scarf, bandana or even a napkin. And now, you can make your own face shield out of a single Polar Seltzer bottle.

The co-owners of the company recently shared their easy method in a quick DIY video—and it’s kind of brilliant.

One of the co-owners, Carolyn Stimpson, explained in the video just how to do it. All you need is a 2-liter clear plastic bottle—hence, the Polar Seltzer bottle, and some string.

The best part about using a plastic face shelf over a fabric one is that you can wash it thoroughly and reuse it whenever you leave your home.

The entire process takes a mere two minutes to do. In fact, it’s so easy and simple that Carolyn’s entire family created hundreds of DIY face shields and donated them to healthcare workers in need. They even came up with a great name: PPPE, otherwise known as Polar Personal Protective Equipment.

Ready to make your own face shield out of a plastic bottle? Check out the tutorial below!

Have you made your own face mask or shield yet? Do you think you’ll try out this method?