No one likes the fact that coronavirus is spreading throughout the country, forcing everyone to stay home as much as possible. But, with any negative, there’s a positive, too.

One of the cool things about this pandemic is that everyone has a lot more time on their hands. And that means that people are finally doing those things that they never could quite get around to on a daily basis.

On one Reddit thread, people shared the top things they were doing to better themselves while they were quarantined at home. Here are the best answers.

  1. Started Gardening

  2. Learning Guitar (or another musical instrument)

  3. Leaving No Popcorn Kernel Behind

  4. Learning Another Language

  5. Green Wood Working

  6. Workout Challenges

  7. Getting Creative in the Kitchen

  8. Stepping Up My Reading Game

  9. Learning In Order To Become A Tutor

  10. Quitting a Bad Habit

  11. Self Care

  12. Better Dad

  13. Working & Helping Others

What types of hobbies have you picked up to better yourself while you’re spending all of this time at home (well, at least most of you … huge thanks to those of you on the front lines helping the rest of us!)?