If you’re in the market for a new tattoo or just like to admire their unique artistry, then you’ll want to take notice of embroidery tattoos. They are trending big time on social media.

Inspired by the decorative needlework typically seen on fabric, people are finding tattoo artists who can mimic the look of embroidery on the skin. These talented folks are spread throughout the world and thanks to Instagram, the design trend is spreading like wildfire.

The detail in these tattoos make them look like colorful threads have been sewn onto the skin, giving them a 3D effect that can fool the eyes into believing the tattoo is its own separate entity. Not every tattoo artist is able to use the technique, so if you want to get a real-life replica of your favorite patch or tapestry inked on your ankle, do your due diligence.

In the meantime, take a look at these creative designs we’ve gathered from all over the web and stare at the painstaking detail. Some even have “loose threads.”

  1. Hakuna Matata, Friends!

    Artist Duda Lozano of Brazil is one of the masters of embroidery tattoos. You can find his work all over social media.

  2. Howling Wolf

    We can’t stop staring at this one with all its beautiful colors!

  3. Thread and Scissor

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    Cuando era chica mi mamá me contaba siempre la historia de una tijerita con forma de pájaro que le había regalado su abuela y una compañera en la primaria le había robado. Yo la escuchaba y me preguntaba cómo podía ser una tijera con forma de pájaro, me mataba la curiosidad y las ganas de que mi mamá aun tuviera esa tijera para verla. Cuando empecé a bordar, a los 30 años, la encontré. Me compré una plateada y me la robaron dictando un taller. La historia se repetía mucho tiempo después. Entonces me compré muchas tijeras con forma de pájaro, y empecé a venderlas también, para que nadie se quedara sin la suya. Ayer la inmortalicé en mi brazo, ahora me acompaña a todos lados, y me recuerda todas las cosas buenas que trajo a mi vida el bordado. Gracias @suhai_tattoo por el arte en la piel, no puede ser más hermoso. #handembroidery #dmcthreads #dmc #bordado #tejiendoraices #embroiderytattoo

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    Can you tell what inspired this one?

  4. Put Your Name on It

    This reminds us of varsity letters! Whose name would you get tattooed on yourself like this?

  5. It’s Appa!

    The talented Lozano also did this rendering of Appa from “The Last Airbender.” It looks like its raised off the skin. Yip yip!

  6. Rising Eagle

    embroidered eagle tattoo

    This looks like an ancient piece of artwork that’s coming to life.

  7. Stitched Up

    An intricate geometric pattern from Rooster Tattoo in Slovakia.

  8. Thundercats, Hooooooooo!

    You know you like this Cheetara tatt.

  9. Roses are Red

    Definitely not your granny’s cross-stitch.

  10. Blooming Flowers

    It’s all in the details!

  11. Guess What. . .

    Chicken Strut!

  12. Blue Tapestry

    We can’t imagine how long this gorgeous piece took to finish.

  13. Blast Off and Away!

    Not your average needlework here!

  14. Seahorse Love

    If you’re digging this aquatic art, you can head to Texas to Stella Park Tattoo.

  15. Coordination

    This back tattoo looks stunning with this woman’s outfit.

  16. Ornate Sleeve

    For those of you who like sleeve tatts, this is a solid 10!

  17. VW Homage

    What a way to immortalize the Volkswagen Beetle!

To find a tattoo artist who can create one of these eye-catching pieces, scout out Instagram or your local tattoo shop to see who’s familiar with the embroider or “patch” method. Keep in mind that because of the stitched look and shading involved, these designs can take hours longer that you’d expect.

These tattoos are starting to become more popular and as more artists catch on, you’ll be able to more innovations with this style. We want to know if you’d get inked with an embroidery tatt since they look so realistic.

Which of these is your favorite? Are you already familiar with this style of tattoo? What design would you get?