At age 65, legendary rocker Eddie Van Halen died of throat cancer. TMZ broke the news saying that he was at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica when he died. 

He was surrounded by family when he took his last breath. His wife, Janie Liszewski, his ex-wife, Valerie Bertinelli, his son, Wolfgang, and his brother, Alex Van Halen, were all there to say goodbye.

Now, after several days have passed, Janie, Valerie and Wolfgang have all posted memories and tributes to Eddie on social media. Learn more in the video below.

In her tribute to her late husband, Janie wrote, “My heart and soul have been shattered into a million pieces. I never knew it was possible to cry so many tears or feel such incredible sadness.”

Meanwhile, Valerie shared a family photo when Wolfgang was a baby. She wrote, “I’m so grateful Wolfie and I were able to hold you in your last moments.”

Wolfgang shared, “My heart is broken and I don’t think I’ll ever recover from this loss.”

Many, many other tributes have been shared on social media from celebrities like Gene Simmons and Jimmy Kimmel as well as fans of the band Van Halen.