Well, Dunkin’ Donuts lovers, it’s official. The chain is dropping the “Donuts” part from its name in efforts to modernize and focus on its broader menu offerings. Don’t worry though, they’re still selling doughnuts. Phew!

The brand made headlines last year when it tested out the name change at various locations throughout the country. At the same time, the company also made major changes to its menu, dropping a number of popular breakfast items and upping the ante with coffee options. Some people were very critical.

It’s hardly a midlife crisis for Dunkin’, a mainstay that’s been around for 68 years. In a press release, the company mentions how they’ve been affectionately called “Dunkin” by their customers for years, and this step will help them to transform not only their stores, but the customer experience.

Moving into the future, Dunkin’ has big plans including going digital with mobile ordering and pickup, a tap system for cold drinks, and a simpler, but tasty menu. That means you can prepare to say hello to items like Dunkin’ Donut Fries. Yes, your favorite sugary treat in fry form!

The company hopes to appeal to a new generation of clientele while keeping loyal guests happy with convenience and quality. When you walk in to a Dunkin’, they want you to feel like you’re in a modern-era coffee shop – that serves good food and doughnuts.

Expect to see the official change in January 2019 in ads and on social media channels. Packaging, store designs, and signage will start to receive their makeovers at the beginning of the year. Click on this video to learn more!

How attached are you to the original name? Are you a Dunkin’ fan? What do you think of the brand’s upcoming changes to their stores and menu?