TikTok User Slams Man Telling Women to Dress Modestly At the Beach in Now Viral Video

When you’re trying to figure out what to wear each day, you probably think about where you’re going and what kinds of outfits are presentable to that location.

For example, if you’re going to work, you might dress more professionally, vs. going to the store, you might choose an outfit that makes you look put together, but that you feel comfortable in. While everyone has their different styles, people tend to wear the same types of outfits at different spots.

One place we can always agree on what to wear: The beach—you wear a bathing suit to the beach, duh! How can anyone beg to differ there?

Well, one man can—the man who can be seen in a now viral TikTok video from a woman he came into contact with at the beach. The girl was just trying to enjoy her summer day by the ocean when the man came up to her with a sign that stated, “God says Christian women dress modest”

“Sir, it’s a beach,” the woman, Katie, who goes by her handle @katie.simmons, informs the man in the video. “Are we supposed to dress modest at a beach?”

“God doesn’t want women —” the man begins before Katie interrupts with, “What if God is fake?” Then the video cuts out.

The video received over 115,000 likes, with fans who couldn’t believe the man was out there on a beach—a place where little people dress modestly—to tell people to put more clothes on.

“It’s like going to a bar and being mad that people are drinking,” someone stated. “Find a better use of your time and let people live.”

“How dare people wear SWIM SUITS to a BEACH,” another person said.

“Bro why do people have the need to push their religion on others like that??” another person questioned.

“No but seriously, cover up—being at a beach is not an excuse to show your ankles, sir!” another person joked, referring to the man who was clearly showing off his ankles.

Check out the video below to see for yourself what went down on the beach that day!

@.katie.simmonswhat in the f$ck ##jacksonvillebeach♬ original sound – KaShOuT katie 🤑

Perhaps he meant a one-piece bathing suit? The world will never know.

What do you think of this man saying this to a woman on the beach? What are your thoughts about how to dress at a beach? Has someone like this ever encountered you in a similar way?