The coronavirus pandemic has made us appreciate a lot of things we used to take for granted, like hugging our friends, eating in a restaurant and finding toilet paper in the grocery store.

You know what else is hard to find in the grocery store? Common baking necessities like flour and active dry yeast. We’ve temporarily given up on baking anything with yeast in it, so we’ve been turning to quick bread recipes instead, and we’ve even learned how to make pizza crust without yeast.

Now that our flour stash is running low, we’re also turning to recipes that don’t include flour. Those are a little harder to find than recipes that don’t contain any yeast, but they are out there. For example, this chocolate cake recipe is definitely worth trying.

Sometimes we really just crave a good brownie, but you’d think you’d need a good supply of flour in order to whip up a batch. Not so. The Domestic Geek knows the secret to making brownies that are completely flourless. That makes them perfect for all of our gluten free friends too.

The trick isn’t just leaving out the flour. No, there’s actually a secret ingredient. It sounds a little weird when you first hear it, but she promises that you won’t even taste it. What’s the secret ingredient? Black beans.

You probably have a can of black beans in your pantry, and now is that perfect time to transform them into brownies. Honestly, we’ll feel a little bit better about giving our kids dessert when we know they’re really eating black beans.

Watch the video below to see how easily this flourless, dairy free brownie batter comes together in a food processor. 

We love how The Domestic Geek shares easy ingredient substitutions throughout the video. No vanilla extract or coconut oil? No problem. No mason jars? No problem. Use what you have on hand.

One viewer commented, “I made these after seeing this video… they are absolutely delicious!!! Definitely making these again!!!”

Another comment reads, “Never would have thought u could use the black beans for a flour substitute  learn something new everyday.”

We can’t wait to try this recipe ourselves and enjoy the fudgy texture and rich chocolate flavor. We might add chocolate chips and nuts.

Did you know that you could use black beans instead of flour? What mix-ins will you add to this brownie batter?