For decades, Dollar Tree held on to it’s $1 per item price point. That low price was a great deal in the ’80s, but it was an even better deal in 2021.

Unfortunately, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Dollar Tree is in the process of increasing prices at all of their stores from $1 to $1.25. Some stores have yet to increase their prices, but my local store actually increased prices before the holidays. There was a little bit of sticker shock at the register, because an additional 25 cents per item adds up quickly.

While $1.25 is still certainly a good deal for many of the items that we regularly love at Dollar Tree, we can’t help but wonder if everything is still a good deal at this new price point. Perhaps it would be better to start shopping for some items elsewhere.

Vlogger Kallie Branciforte of But First, Coffee, has shared many videos about her finds at Dollar Tree, so she decided to post a new video where she dives into the topic of Dollar Tree’s price increase and how that will impact the way she shops at the store.

In the video, Branciforte walks us through each aisle of Dollar Tree talking about some of the items she has loved there for a long time. Then she points out which ones she will continue to buy at the Dollar Tree and which ones are actually a better deal at other stores. Then she tells us where to shop for those items instead.

Watch the video below to learn which items are still a great deal at $1.25 and which items are actually a better deal at other stores.

Has your local Dollar Tree increased the prices from $1 to $1.25 yet? Are you going to start shopping at other stores for items you used to get at Dollar Tree?