If you’re anything like us, you jump at the chance to celebrate any and all holidays, whether they be big or small. And, as we all know, the absolute best part of celebrating is DECORATING! So, since the most romantic day of them all is just around the corner, we are going to share with you some of the best décor ideas to impress your sweetie. Get ready to make Valentine’s Day even cuter!

Now, these projects wouldn’t even be worth mentioning in our book if they cost you an arm and a leg to complete. Shelling out a bunch of dough for craft supplies tends to put a damper on even the most passionate of celebrations.

So, we’ve taken the advice of our favorite economical gal, YouTuber Kathryn from DoItOnaDime, and we are going to show you the best tips from her helpful Valentine’s Day tutorial.

Also, we did mention that these supplies are cheap, right? Well, when we say cheap, we mean Dollar Tree cheap! Pretty impressive!

Here are some of our favorite DIYs from her video.

  1. Romantic Flower Box

    mirrored flower boxDoItOnaDime

    Who said February 14 has to be cheesy? With this understated mirrored flower box, you can show your pride for Cupid’s day without the fear of looking tacky!

    To make your own, construct a box out of square mirrors—she uses 11 for a medium-sized one—and hot glue them together into a square formation. Next, add some florist foam to the center of the mirrors and stick in some pretty silk flowers of your choice. We’re not going to tell you which color to pick, but we think red or white would be appropriate given the holiday!

    Pro tip: Add some colorful tissue in as “soil.” The decorative paper will help mask the foam if you have some bare spots visible.

  2. Valentine’s Wreath

    Valentine\'s wreathDoItOnaDime

    If you think that wreaths are just reserved for Christmastime, then you’re mistaken! We absolutely adore this festive Valentine’s Day one because it is just so unexpected.

    Get started on yours by first gathering together your materials. Luckily, this particular DIY only calls for two: a foam wreath form and coffee filters!

    Set your wreath form on a flat surface and begin folding your coffee filters in half—this will give them a rose-like appearance—and glue them onto the wreath as you go. After you’re finished with the first outer layer, add to the middle by folding each filter over three times. Attach them to your first tier by gluing them on top of one another in layers.

As we mentioned, these are just a couple of our favorites from her tutorial, but you better believe that our girl Kathryn has some other gems in store for you. To see more of her creative Valentine’s Day projects, be sure to click on the video below!

What do you think of Kathryn’s thrifty DIYs? Are you planning on completing one for Valentine’s Day? How do you like to celebrate this romantic holiday? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!